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“PLEASERS” – Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret

It’s Wednesday afternoon. If you’re looking to get entertained on Wednesday afternoon, the chances are you’ll turn on the TV and hope to kill some time. The chances are you’ll fail. With intentions to open up your eyes to some real adult entertainment, I called up Franky, we got in the car and drove to a couple of clubs that seem to have a buzz going on around the city. First stop – Club Pleasers.

Not wanting to fight through the traffic or get stuck in a small, crowded parking lot, we decided to stay away from the Cheshire rd. area and go south. Club Pleasers (“Home of the $5.00 Table Dances”) has always been a place where you don’t have to worry about crap like that and focus only on what you came for, a good time. I think their roster of over 75 girls clearly proves that. The club is only five minutes away from the Atlanta airport which explains why the club attracts a steady crowd. It makes me wonder if 75 dancers are even enough. On Friday and Saturday nights it’s standing room only and you probably want to get there early.

Getting through the door, Franky is greeted by a very big security guy with an even bigger smile. I notice that his biceps are bigger than my whole waist and hope that Franky doesn’t crap in his pants when they shake hands. I decide to be friendly to the bouncer, since those are the kind of people you generally don’t want to upset. It turns out that wasn’t so hard since Lee is a very friendly bouncer, especially if you ask him about his artwork.

Franky grabs the camera and starts looking for a few ladies while I pull some cash out of the ATM machine and go to the bar. To each his own. The bartender introduces herself as Starr and brings out an arsenal of bottles, all heavy artillery.  She tells me about the $5.00 drink specials all day/night. I sit there and look around and realize – it’s all there: naked girls, alcohol, pool tables, cigar-friendly atmosphere, VIP rooms, HD TVs, awesome music, friendly management… the atmosphere is just incredible. This is the kind of place I should’ve skipped college classes for. This is the kind of place I should go to when I call in sick on a sunny day. This is it. I’m staying here, let’s skip the other clubs…

But then again, it may just be the alcohol talking. I guess I’ll have to come back again and find out.
Sammy S.

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