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“Candy Shop” – Sweet And Sexy

Candy ShopDoes your wife ever yell at you? Is your boss treating you like crap? Do you have an obnoxious co-worker?  Grumpy neighbor? Do you ever want to just feel welcome in someone’s presence? And even more importantly – do you want them to be naked too? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have 1001 reasons you should visit “Candy Shop”. If you answered “no” – you’re a liar!

When Jacquie came up with the name for her club “Candy Shop” she had a slogan on her mind – “Sweet and Sexy”. Notice how it says “Sweet and Sexy”, not “Sexy and Sweet”. While most clubs will hire any dancer that is willing to take her clothes off, Jacquie and her management team had an idea to assemble a group of girls that will show you a good time while blowing your mind.

Having been involved in the industry for quite some time, they realized that the main reason they get repeat business is because they fully understand the reason why their clientele comes to them in the first place: to have a good time. “There are many places you can go to watch naked girls” says Jacquie. “However, in many cases girls are totally unapproachable, hard to deal with and don’t really take time to listen to the customers. That’s why we instruct our dancers and saff to do whatever it takes to make our visitors comfortable from the very moment they pull up in the driveway. That’s why our girls are ‘Sweet and Sexy’, not just sexy.”

Franky Slams At The Candy Shop

Franky Slams Setting Up The Photo Shoot At The Candy Shop

I must admit, you will get special treatment from the second you pull into the Candy Shop parking lot. A member of their security team will show you where to park…another member of the team will open the door for you. The Sweet & Sexy girls of The Candy Shop will greet you with smiles and management will make sure you have everything thing you need to enjoy your visit.

With this approach, I don’t see anything but bright future for this club, as well as anyone who comes to visit. And if you’re curious about those 1001 reasons you should visit “Candy Shop” that we mentioned – here are just a few:

* Pool tables
* Video games
* Full service bar and kitchen
* $5 table dance until 8pm
* Virgin Tuesdays – tryouts for the first time dancers
* Hookah rentals coming soon
* Old school remix between 4pm to 6pm
* (We sell fun)
* $5 weekly drink specials
* Now serving frozen Margaritas and virgin frozen drinks
* VIP party packages (21st birthdays, anniversary, bachelor/ette parties, divorce parties, etc.)

As for the rest of them, feel free to stop by the club and see for yourself.

Candy Shop
3548 Empire Blvd | Atlanta, GA 30354 | 404.763.2007

Sammy S.

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