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Franky Slams – Suck It Like You Mean It

The only thing that makes my lead stomach turn is the gurgling of large amounts of cum. I will throw up internally with just the thought. I want you to imagine if you will a large amount of cum, better yet in an old Turtle Wax can. Imagine its thick, rich and creamy when smeared. That is the floor of the party Conrad had me film last night. The population of China was left on the floor, a slick and salty nightmare of boundary pushing deviance and I’m sure some sick fuck stayed and licked it up.

Filming this stuff creates an inner battle much like what I imagine a documentary filmmaker battles. Beliefs have to go the side and work must be done. One belief I hold strong in my heart is that 25 guys should never ascend their cocks on 2 petite girls. Monster mash is the best way to describe what went on at the “Oral Assassination and Pussy Decapitation” party. Eyes have endured a lot of hard imagery, but never what they endured late night at Little Wings.

The same as the last time Conrad picked me up at my place, this time alone. Bag packed, deep breath, Civic ride of awkward conversation. “Your boundaries are going to be pushed tonight. You make it through this and I’ll know you are down and I can put you on to better work” the fuck-pimp muttered to me. “I don’t even like parties like this, but they pay.” If he doesn’t like them then they have to be bad.

Eyes are fluttering like crazy, smiles are ear to ear, even the image of where I’m going can’t detach me from my bliss. We go through the back, it’s 4am and only the real fuckers are still awake. A circle has formed around a smaller circle. Two black girls are in the center of the room, pillows are under their knees. They are back-back-back in a war position to fight off wolves. Music is pumping, bass, speakers, mirrors, spectators holding one another close. “Star filming now, he’s here to help you”. A big of creative director rage hits me as I see another camera man around my age. Nod, “what’s up”, don’t get in my way. A line of men come out fully nude and form circles around the girls. Cocks, lips, asses, choke, spit; these aren’t blow jobs these are throat fuckings. My stomach starts to turn, the last remaining glimpse of God leaves my soul, the first girl is crying, but he nor she will stop. Spectators look eager and a few start to fuck. My eyes are burning, my lens is glowing, souls are dying. The drugs are making me see me more than is there. Perception is gone I get closer and closer to the point I see her and her’s eyes. Are you in there? Are you out there? Holy fuck this is hard.

The throat fucking continues for over a half hour. Each girl’s starting moans have turned to fake whimpers. Come on and cum guys, this nightmare has to be over. They stop…lights go dark, the girls get up and walk to beds on the other side of the club. Side-by-side they spread their legs and one at a time each guy comes over. The oral assassination was over, the pussy decapitation had begun. Another lady come forth and stood over the two. She had a paddle in hand and as each guy fucked his girl and then went to the next the paddle would come down with the words “bad pussy, fill it up”. Pumping, grunting, stretching, you were tight yesterday, moans, pumps, eye flutters, strobes, holy shit they’ve started to cum. Faces are covered, Kripsy Cream is open 24/7. Hot nut turns cold and covered by warm, there’s a bucket, I puke. Camera is off I sit in the corner waiting for Conrad to take me home.

One of the girls comes over and attempts to chat. I look at her bewildered and confused, she was happy and bubbly counting her cash. “How much did you get paid for that”, I ask. “1k for an hours work, that shit aint bad”. A soul has a price, am I not as strong as her?”. “It’s the business, it’s not sexual, my husband and I are going home”. Her husband was the other camera man and that’s when I decided I could never work with my mom on set. Enraged, confused, happy and sad Conrad drove me home and I fell asleep watching the tapes from the party. I jacked off, threw up, jacked off, threw up, came and passed out. Maybe body builders need to start sucking some dick and quit wasting money on stupid protein shakes. Cum…the new 2012.

Franky Slams

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