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Swiss Government Backs Off Additional Copyright Legislation

The Swiss government will not be implementing additional copyright infringement legislation, saying that consumers who pirate content tend to spend that saved money on other entertainment expenses.

Killing the Messenger: The Campaign Against Online Escort Advertising Sites Part II – Operational Policies & Legal Issues

In Part I of the Killing the Messenger

iCollection Lingerie Rolls Out New Collections

iCollection Lingerie has followed up the release of its latest catalog, which debuted at the International Lingerie Show in the fall, with a new holiday catalog.

Optimizing Photographic Workflows for Cost, Quality

From the camera to the consumer’s viewport, which today is typically a web browser, modern technology is making high quality adult content production easier, faster and less expensive than ever before. This evolution has opened up a wide world of possibilities for creative content connoisseurs; but it has also raised a range of questions and choices that must be made….

Google’s Chrome Grabs 2nd Place in Browser Wars

Google’s Chrome has grabbed second place behind Internet Explorer as the web’s most popular browser.

NBC Series ‘Community,’ ‘Saturday Night Live’ Feature Coquette Costumes

Recently Coquette Masquerade costume styles M6020 the Devil and M6031 the Cop, were featured on “Community” and “Saturday Night Live” respectively.

Mandatory Condom Ballot Initiative on June Ballot – Now What?

IPv6 Close to Becoming Reality

A recent report suggests that by 2015, about 17 percent of the Internet will be using IPv6 protocol and more than a quarter of newcomers to the Internet will be using it.

Data Rescue 3 Offers Compelling Features

It is one of those unpleasant facts of modern life: if you work with a computer long enough, eventually you will accidentally delete one or more important files — or have an entire hard disk fail; damaging or deleting valuable files which you may wish to recover.

XBIZ Awards Show Gets Supersized, Set to Rock Monster L.A. Venue ‘The Barker Hangar’

XBIZ is pleased to announce that adult entertainment’s biggest awards event of the year, the 10th annual XBIZ Awards, will be held at the historic Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport on the night of Jan. 10, 2012.