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Google Offers Swiffy Flash to HTML5 Converter

For Flash-based content developers seeking to make the move to the latest standard, Google’s new Swiffy allows for Export to HTML5 with a single click.

G-Speed Q Solves Digital Storage Needs

Fueling the gigabyte-busting demands of today’s content hungry consumers requires an investment in storage technology on the part of digital media marketers and producers.

Sex Worker Bethany St. James Blogs for Huffington Post

Sex worker and performer Bethany St. James has given her voice to The Huffington Post as a new blog contributor.

Microsoft Buys VideoSurf; Xbox LIVE, Bing, Expected Beneficiaries

Microsoft has announced its acquisition of California-based VideoSurf, in a move to acquire the video search and discovery company’s technology.

BitTorrent Throttling, Net Neutrality Collide

A new report on Net Neutrality has uncovered some ISPs’ systematic degradation of performance across certain popular types of network traffic.

Mile High Media Releases Sweet Sinema’s ‘Last Tango’

Mile High Media has announced its third Sweet Sinema release, “Last Tango.”

Special Focus: Adult Technology

XBIZ takes a look at a number of current and emerging trends in adult digital media technology.

Adult Mobile Operators Face Child Protection Challenges

As global lawmakers struggle to define the legal boundaries of cyberspace and child protection, a number of private entities are stepping up to help.

Porn Star Murder Trial Continues Monday

Jurors will continue to hear testimony in the murder trial of adult actress Felicia Tang when trial resumes Monday.


Jenna Presley

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